The Jesuits Resemble Jesus as The Devil to God - Luigi Albano

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The Jesuits resemble Jesus as the devil to God

If anyone is unwise to believe incisively that sin not to commit a homicide, he will not die with the excitement of committing it (Jacobus Platelius page 119).

Catholic children are obliged to denounce their parents or relatives guilty of heresy ...... even if they knew that their parents would be given fire ... ... they would also be able to refuse their food until they die hunger (Escobar, page 150).

There are not enough words to express the indignation that arouse such doctrines, so we prefer to leave them judged to the reader`s conscience.

We may still mention the impurity, the adultery, of the passages that the most impervious people have no heart to report except in Latin, but we feel that a Christian pen can not transcribe them in any language, and we omit them.

The Jesuits wrote so many things in the favor of the impudent passions, entering into the mysteries of marriage, celibacy, etc., which we are ashamed to quote, even in Latin.

A bad lesson for ecclesiastics destined to eternal virginity of soul and body! Hardly a man of pure costumes would have the ability to understand such immorality, and even these immaculate fathers, they had to think long enough to imagine them.

To casual enthusiasts we want to leave that occupation, this science is unclear.

Nevertheless readers will be able to use the works of the Reverend Fathers Cornelio, Ferdinandus da Castro-Palao, Gasparo Hustado, Jacobo Gordoni, Joannes da Castillo, Escobar, Tommaso Tamburino, Jacobo Tirini, Sanchez etc. etc., without forgetting the ”Compendium theologiae moralis, published in Friborg”, that is, the manual of questions that confessors must do to penitents and penitents; in which, among other dangerous principles, it is taught that a married woman is allowed to be loved, provided that this distinction is made mentally: ”I am for her sake, and not for her quality as a married woman.”

Infandum !!!
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